COVID-19 Sanitation

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Anticovid information

Dear Customer,

We invite you to read these lines which are very important to ensure maximum safety for our guests and for the service staff. There are some rules to follow by law (DPCM May 17, 2020 annex 6), which we have all come to know by now, and other practices to ensure that you can respect others and have maximum comfort for your stay.

To prevent contagion, careful personal hygiene, frequent washing of never, wear masks and gloves, and where necessary maintaining social distancing are necessary.

As a general rule it is therefore made the obligation:
- Wear the mask indoors
- Wash your hands with soap and water or use the sanitizing gel stations located throughout the hotel before touching an object.
- Keep the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter, for a family group it is NOT necessary to respect the distance.

All staff
are equipped with personal protective equipment and will apply social distancing as required. All the environments will be equipped with indications that avoid the creation of gatherings or remember the correct attitude to adopt. Sanitation activities will be intensified both in the rooms and in the common areas. Dispensers with sanitizing gel have been installed and disposable gloves will be available. Your entire stay at the hotel is organized so that there is no crowding, for a safe and peaceful stay.

Check In:
Where possible we ask you to send 2 days before the documents for the check in in via scan an email to or via Whatsapp (0462764255) which will allow you to simplify and speed up the delivery of the keys and not have to handle. the media (the identity documents will be used exclusively for the purposes of registering the lodgers as required by law and eliminated immediately afterwards (art. 109 TULPs DPGR 23 May 2018.) Upon arrival, to avoid gatherings, please enter only one person per group or family unit for check-in, keeping the distance from other customers.

In the dining room the same rules of spacing, hand hygiene and use of the mask must be respected, to be worn only when standing; seated at the table it can be removed.To ensure the distances required and recommended by the ISS and the WHO, the restaurant's opening hours for breakfast and dinner will be extended. If necessary, dinner will be served in shifts or in rooms adjacent to the restaurant. You will be assigned a table for each family unit or room at a distance from that of the other guests.In the dining room you will find sanitizing gel dispensers. The equipment that you will find in the restaurant will be sanitized regularly in full compliance with health indications.

The tables of the Bar, both inside and outside and in the garden, will be spaced apart and each one will welcome a family unit. Guests can serve at the counter by applying the rule of spacing and face protection or be served at the table on request. It will NOT be possible to aggregate tables and create gatherings.

In outdoor areas, a mask is only necessary when the social distance from other people of 1 meter is NOT respected, and it is also necessary to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the chairs or sun loungers on the terrace.

WHO guidelines


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